Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinosaurs, Lincoln Logs, and Fire Hoses

Monday February 8th was our first real hands-on lab. We really got more involved with the kids and played our own games with them. We focused on playing tag games because all kids absolutely love to play tag. The kids loved our tag games and we played them for a while, but they did get a little boring after playing multiple games of each. Jack then stepped in with a game of his own. In Jack's game, everyone lined up and we were all fire trucks. On Jack's cue, we all ran to another line making a siren noise, as if we were driving to the fire. When we got to the line (fire) we had to put it out using our fire hoses, and also making the noise a hose makes while doing so. After the fire was out we needed to rush back to the start, continuing to make siren noises. This game was really good because it worked on a lot of different things. The kids thought about was fire trucks and hoses sound like, they reinforced their knowledge of what firemen do, and they also got physical activity while doing so.

In the Pre-K classroom I had a blast. I played with Lincoln Logs and dinosaurs for quite a while. I played with several different kids using the same activity, and they all loved, both girls and boys. I kind of allowed the kids to direct the course of the activity but I followed the same loose direction. The game was either that they dinosaurs were friendly, or they were at battle with each other. The girls liked to have them be friends, and the boys loved to have them battle. On both sides, I built dinosaur houses out of Lincoln logs with the kids, and they all loved to have a place for their dinosaurs to eat and sleep in safety.

Overall, I love St. Mary's so far and I cannot wait to go back for another lab. It is a great experience and I am really learning a lot about how to successfully and positively interact with kids to get them to be active.

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