Monday, April 19, 2010

First Day Outside at St. Mary's

The weather for this past lab was nice enough to play outside. The kids were very excited to be going outside, and we also couldn't use the gym because of a play rehearsal. We were assessing kicking and basketball dribbing skills for this lab. In my opinion, I felt that the kids had an easier time kicking the ball, rather than dribbling it with their hands. I think this skill will develop more and get better as the kids continue to develop coordination and better motor skills.

My group was in the special projects area for the lab, so during the majority of the lab we were organizing the equipment closets and tidying up some other things during the lab. At the end of lab our job was to play a game with everyone, sing a song with a dance to it, and yell a group cheer. We did not get to play a game because we were down in the cafeteria, and all the kids were mellowed out watching Toy Story. We just went right into the song and cheer instead so that the kids didn't get all worked up again. Our song was a song about playing with the different characters from Toy Story such as Buzz, Woody, and Rex. It was sung to the tune of the Chicken Dance. The song was pretty good, but our background music was a little fast, so the kids had a tough time keeping up with the beat when singing and dancing to the music.

Overall, this lab was a pretty good one. I feel like the class has come a long way since the first lab we had, and most of us really know how to effectively get the kids moving. We have one lab left, which will be superhero themed. We will be using the big parachute to play games and the kids are definitely going to have a blast with this one.

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