Thursday, March 25, 2010

Autistic Teen has a Perfect Bracket Through the First Two Rounds of Play

This is down right amazing. How many people do you know that have perfect brackets thus far? Your answer is probably zero, and with the downfall of Kansas, Georgetown, Villanova, and others, many peoples' brackets were busted right off the bat. That is not the case for Alex Herrmann. His bracket is perfect up to this point, and I am eager to see how his Sweet 16 picks play out. Tournament play resumes today, and continues through Sunday. I was shown this story today and the article can be found here, on Fancast's website.
Alex says he loves numbers and is pretty good at stats and working with numbers. His overall winner is Purdue, so I'm interested to see how that works out. My winner was Kansas, so my bracket was pretty much done after their loss.
Check out the article and watch the video to see more about this interesting story.

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