Monday, March 22, 2010

Blaze Spotted at St. Mary's

The theme of our last visit to St. Mary's was dinosaurs. My group led off the activities with a few games, and it was extremely tough. The kids were extremely wound up and we definitely need to work on using games that limit the down time. The games that we had planned would have worked with a calmer group, but since it was the end of the day and the kids were sick of sitting around they were full of energy. It's great that the kids have energy and want to be active, but we just didn't come prepared enough to get them right into activity and have them moving.

We led off with Kelly's game, and when we practiced it and played in during our pre-lab, it seemed to go pretty well. There were a few things that got ironed out, and it looked like the game was going to be successful. I feel that her game would have been a hit with the kids if they weren't so crazy when we first got there, and the kids had a very hard time not playing with the props and equipment on the floor.

Then we tried my game, and I had a terrible feeling it was going to bomb as soon as I saw the energy level of the kids. My game called for them to wait single-file in a line, and go one a at time for each team, and I just knew it was going to be a hard task to get them to listen. I was right. For the most part the kids understood what I wanted them to do, but since they were so wound up the couldn't leave each other alone and had a very tough time waiting in line for each other. I believe that this game would have been fine if they were calm.

My group then went down to the cafeteria, and it was a completely different ball game down there. The kids had snacks and were all sitting and behaving pretty well. I built several Legos creations with a few of the kids, and they were sitting there calmly and we had a great conversation about different Star Wars characters.

And then Blaze came.

As soon as the kids saw Blaze they were ecstatic. It was almost impossible to get them to listen to me and to get them to calm down. I think that it was great to have Blaze there, and I think that the next time when I am in a situation similar to this one I will use a mascot or character like Blaze to actually get the kids to listen better. I will do this by using Blaze as an example of what they should be doing and they will follow Blaze because they are excited that he is there.

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