Monday, March 29, 2010

Jim Playfair Outburst...and Other Incredible Coaching Meltdowns

Jim Playfair is a coach for the AHL's Heat hockey team. After a call doesn't go his way, Playfair goes absolutley insane. Check out this video to watch.

Playfair's outburst reminded me of Phillip Wellman's meltdown a few years ago. Wellman is the manager for the Mississippi Braves, which is a minor league baseball team. This could be the most incredible erruption I have ever seen.

I saw this story online yesterday, and today on ESPN they had a whole slew of coaching outbursts. Here are more videos of some memorable coaching meltdowns.

Hockey coach Jim Schoenfeld

Hockey coach Robbie Ftorek throwing a bench

Asheville minor league baseball manager Joe Mikulik

And finally, Wichita Wingnuts baseball coach Kash Beauchamp

These coaches all showed their frustrations to the extreme, and while these outbursts may be extremely funny to watch, they show extremely poor sportsmanship. Either way, I love watching these coaching bloopers.

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